I am a traveller at heart. I have stood in front of the Wailing Wall in The Holy Land, walked the Great Wall of China, eaten fresh pasta in Italy, cycled through wine vineyards in Argentina, been on safari in South Africa and drunk German Bier in the snow-capped Bavarian Alps. I am a traveller, or I was a traveller. Now, I am a 32-year-old Breast Cancer Patient. This is my story. This is my journey.

You may wonder why this website is called cancertriathlon. The year I was diagnosed I had discovered triathlons. I had always been fit and active although I’d never found a sport I was passionate about (or was good at). A friend introduced me to the world of triathlons and Ironman and there was no turning back. Keeping active through treatment has helped me feel myself; although tired and slower I was still able to do things society thought I couldn’t, or shouldn’t. Just like tri’s, my treatment is a three-stage process: Surgery – Chemotherapy – Surgery (I have chosen additional surgery over radiation). My goal is to build my fitness again after treatment and compete in an Ironman event. It may take time, but I’ll get there. This blog may have started as a journey through treatment, but it will take me all the way to Ironman.



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