day three

This morning I didn’t get to see the sunrise. Why? Because I was sleeping – hooray! Apart from a being woken by my beeping IV machine, and by the nurses feeding me more drugs, I slept all the way through. Last night I was watching Mandela, it was only 8pm but I was feeling sleepy. The nurse had given me a selection of drugs with strict instructions to take them at 10pm, so I set my alarm on my phone. Lucky I did, I was fast asleep.

It was just past 7am before I decided to get up this morning. Now that it is my third morning in hospital, I have worked out a morning routine. I order breakfast then get in a lap around the ward. I have been given orders to do at least four laps per day, so I like to do one first thing before breakfast – work up an appetite (ha). Today I was feeling good so I decided to take in the North wing as well as my East wing. I was feeling comfortable and noticed my speed increasing… by the end of the week I might have to start wearing my Garmin to keep an eye on my pace. The hallways are usually empty but last night, on my walk, I saw another young woman.I might have to go on a stealth mission to find her room and see if she wants to start a walking club. We could be called, The Tenth Floor Wanderers. Anyway…

My nurse for the day has just arrived to hand me my next lot of pills. I think I’m going to like this one… she seems to know what she is doing. I know that sounds a little harsh but yesterday the nurse was asking ME what she needed to do. My nurse today complimented me on how well I look! She is also impressed with how my chest looks and how little pain I am in. See, nothing to worry about. She was a little concerned I was doing work on my computer, but I assured her I was just writing.

Now that I have done my first workout for the day, I am looking forward to my breakfast. I have chosen the healthy option today, egg white omelette and natural yogurt. I’m saving the pancakes for tomorrow.

The Sunday Mail has arrived, room service should arrive shortly. Remind me, where am I again? Oh yeah, hospital.



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