Holiday Time

A year ago today, I jumped on a plane from London to Milan, navigated two trains, and ended up in one of the main towns in Lago di Como – Lake Como. There to greet me was my faithful travel companion, Jacqui. We were spending two nights cruising the lake before Jacqui headed back to Australia – any excuse for a rendezvous somewhere in the world. We partook in all the standard Italian activities: we drank Spritz, we ate pizza, and we harassed Italian boys. Life was good.



Today I am going on a different type of holiday, and it won’t be like any other holiday I’ve had in the past.

  • I won’t be drinking cocktails; however, I will be offered a cocktail of drugs.
  • I won’t be spending long hours soaking up the sun; however, there will be topless activity.
  • I won’t be having long, lazy siestas; however, there will be a lot of drug-enforced slumbers.

It will be the first time I go on holidays and I don’t have to debate over taking my gym clothes and shoes. Will I be needing them? Not this time…

Today I will be checking in for a weeks stay at the five-star Mater Private Hospital. There was no option of booking a sea-facing suite with king-sized bed or twin. There is, however, rooms service and on-demand movies. Close enough…

My bag is packed: pyjamas, study workbooks (am I kidding myself?), iPad, noise-cancelling headphones, and once I sign off on this blog, my long-serving Macbook will be added to my belongings.

This morning I had the intention of going to the 5am CF session, but after a failed attempt at running last night, I decided my body was telling me I should take it easy. So I did.

I had a favourite treat of Buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. Don’t worry, I was allowed to eat until 7:30. The joys of private treatment. Uncle Gary stopped by with a few treats for hospital – I think the nurses will love me. The hips, not so much.


Am I nervous? Just a little – it is major surgery. I look forward to waking up and cracking on with things. And I never thought I would say it, but I am looking forward to having a lazy week staying in bed. I’ve been so busy lately with work and training that I don’t feel an ounce guilty for my upcoming bed-ridden state.

If you’re local, come say hi. I’ll have the tea ready. And just so you know, pyjamas are the dress code.

I’ll try to wait for the drugs to wear off before I post my next blog – could be very interesting otherwise.

Time for a shower and last minute pack.

Thanks everyone for the messages of well wishes. I know I have a lot of people sending positive and healing energy my way, and a lot of people praying for me. I feel very loved.





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