100 miles

I didn’t think I would be writing another running story so soon. But this time it’s not about me. And it’s not a conventional running race story.

For all my Australian friends and readers, I may confuse you a little. For the purpose of this blog I need to switch from our metric measurement – km’s to the English imperial measurement – miles. You’ll understand in a minute.

This week I discovered my friends are very good at keeping secrets. Big secrets. I was finally home and awake in time to catch up on Skype with Thea and Nash, my good friends from over the pond. They are not only great friends but we also lived together in London. To put into perspective how much I love these two, when I had to say goodbye to them in London I was a blubbering mess. And I think I have only cried on three other occasions.

Anyway, back to the story.

Unbeknown to me, they had a big secret to reveal. I, on the other hand, was in my pjs with a major case of bed hair.

So, the secret, I hear you ask…

For the last eight weeks, since I confirmed my date for surgery, Thea has been running. For anyone that knows Thea, you know that this isn’t a common occurrence. The whole time we lived together in London the furthest I ever saw Thea run was 3 miles. (I hope I haven’t confused you Aussies yet…) So why has she turned all Mo Farah on us and decided to pound the pavement? For one simple reason: to raise money to help with the cost of surgery.

She writes…

As anyone who has been touched by cancer knows, treatment has a bigger impact on your life than just your health and we’d like to help.

We want our friend to be able to have the treatment she needs at the right time, with the doctor of her choice.

So she set a challenge: To run.

How far?

100 miles in fact! For every £5 donated I will run 1 mile, up to 100 miles! To put that into perspective – if we raise £500 I will run the equivalent of London to Brighton and back again!

From 3 miles to 100 miles… no easy feat. She started a blog to record her journey and posted an entry for each mile she ran. She had to take extreme measures to ensure I didn’t somehow stumble upon this activity. We weren’t friends on any running apps, like Nike plus – lucky! I think she would make a great spy…

During our Skype chat Thea casually gave me the link to the web site and told me to have a look. Clicking on the link all I saw was the title ‘Run for Boobs’, a lot of photos of myself with friends, and a lot of writing. I was in shock. I couldn’t read or comprehend what was happening. To use the word ‘overwhelmed’ just doesn’t do it justice.

Now I’ve had a moment to take it all in, I’ve read through the entire blog. I laughed and I cried. I am thankful for every name I saw, and for every mile Thea ran. She ran inside when it rained and outside in the sunshine. She ran before work, after work and in-between work. And most impressively, she ran hangover!

The other day she posted a photo on Facebook with a comment ‘The last mile’.

It made no sense to me, I thought she had just been out for a run – so I liked it, because Thea doesn’t run. Well, clearly she does. And now I’ve told her she isn’t allowed to stop running.


Thea, you’re amazing.

On last count she has raised 2300 GBP!

I should mention that if between Thea, CFWF and any additional donations, an excess amount is raised – more than my surgery costs – the remainder will be donated to a suitable charity.

(Thea also mentioned that she lost her boobs from all of the running. She lost hers so I could gain some. Now that’s friendship! I think I’ll be taking a bit of money out from the money raised to shout her little legs a massage.)

A special thanks to all those who donated (and gave Thea miles to run). Sending a big virtual hug to: Matt, Richard, James O, James Mc, Isaac, Atkinson’s, Christian, Lady White, Dwight, Yujei, NASHIE, Matt & Marie, Annie,
Sophie, Mel, Fran S, Jacqui (Crosby), Dougie, Max & Stu, Radhia, Webby, Sam M, Tristan, Andy S, Eliezer, Jess H, Alex W, Mircea, Andy W, Raj, Sarah K, Donovan, PWC (no idea about this one….), Carly, Caroline M, Helen (Maddox), Guillaume, David H, Richard, Ewen, DIPAK.

** Apologies if I have left a name out.

** It seems there are some late additions: Bec Carr, Dana

Amazingly, a lot of these names are from Thea’s work colleagues who I worked with for a short period on time.

Side note: I saw on the blog that you were going to capture my reaction. Bed hair & pjs…DOH

Check it out! http://runforboobs.blogspot.com.au




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