The Beacon

Before I can continue, I have to go back a little in time – right back to the start.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, any type of cancer, you’re loaded up with brochures: What does your diagnosis mean? How to deal with Chemotherapy? How to deal with Hair Loss? How to explain to your children… your family… your friends… I think you get the idea. Most of the brochures I was given are sitting in a box, in the bottom of my cupboard, collecting dust. By the time the brochures made their way to me, I had already spent hours on the Internet researching; the information was old news. I’m not suggesting they stop printing these brochures, I’m 100% sure there are many people that find them helpful – not everyone is inclined to tap into the world-wide-web.

The main cancer organisations, like Cancer Council, produce the majority of brochures covering general treatment. Then you have cancer specific associations, such as Breast Cancer Network Australia, that provide its own support material. As you can see there is a lot of support out there, if you want it.

BCNA also produces a free national magazine, The Beacon. It’s a quarter-yearly magazine that covers a range of topics related to breast cancer. As I was reading the last publication I noticed a section to submit a story. I investigated further and saw the topic for the next addition was: Obstacles. Additional challenges faced through treatment. I instant knew I wanted to share a story – of course I would. I wanted to share how I found being young, fit and active a challenge. I’ve already written a blog about this – I’m 32 not 50 – so I decided I would send an edited version to meet the word limit requirements.

…then I received an email saying it was being considered.

…then accepted.

My words have been finally published! All three hundred and seventeen of them.

Here is the link:

(page 10)


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