Practicing Patience

Treatment is like a steam train. Departing station: Cancer. Final destination: Cancer-free. It splutters along, stopping at a variety of stops along the way: surgery, chemo, genetic testing, radiation and more surgery. The journey and order of stations is different for everyone. Unfortunately there is no express service available for this journey. I’ve experienced a few delays along the way, stopped at a few extra stops than first planned, and now it seems the final destination is a little further away, again. My genetic testing always threatened to slow the train. And it has.

This Friday I was booked to receive my results. Let me emphasise “was booked”… until they called to advise there was a delay examining my bloods. The driver’s put down his shovel and stopped loading the coal. We’ve come to a stop… again. Mid-station. The follow on affects of this delay are disastrous; I now have to forgo my plans of flying to Israel for my girlfriend wedding in April. Sigh. It was always going to be tight with all the previous delays, but it’s officially no longer an option. Deep breath’s; bigger picture. Time to muster up some patience.

My woes don’t stop there. This past weekend I was due to go to Melbourne for a post-chemo celebratory getaway. I patiently waited the recommended three weeks after my last round. I had an extra week up my sleeve while waiting for my genetic results, and deciding on the next stage of treatment. So, I planned a sneaky trip to catch up with lots of loved ones. Yet, just when I thought I would be getting back on the bike, into the gym, out for a run and a trip to Melbourne, the universe not so discreetly decided…not yet. I caught the horrid cold that’s circulating. Although, the blame may not lie with the universe, it may have been my own undoing.

Doctor: “… and you’ve been so good not being in large crowds.”

Me: “I know… I don’t know where I caught it.”

I chose not to tell her I’d been in the ‘Loose Yourself’ section at the Eminem concert days earlier. Shhh.

Ok. No more negatives. It’s ok to recognise the negatives. Acknowledge them, and then move on.

The positive I can get out of this is I have another week to recover from the cold and get in some physical activity. Movement with the body is medicine for the mind.

To all my friends that have a ‘Rochelle gets genetic results’ reminder in their phone for Friday, reset it to next Thursday.

That’s all folks…


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