Dot Com

Most friends know technology and I don’t mix. And when I say “technology”, I’m not just referring to computers, it took me about 30 min’s to work out how to use a new food processor the other day. Anything with a power cord is my enemy. If something is going to go wrong, or not work, then it’s bound to happen to me – yes I managed to buy a new software download from Apple Australia using my Apple UK ID…of course I did that.

It would be easy for me to use this as an excuse and avoid technology as much as possible. However, sometimes in life we need to dive head first into things that make us uncomfortable. When I started my blog I chose tumblr, as it seemed fairly foolproof. It was easy to navigate and has done its job, until lately. For the past few weeks it’s become problematic; it won’t let me upload photos where I desire or format properly – first world problems, I know… So I needed to find a solution. I had the idea a while ago to transfer my blog to an actual website. Me, starting a website, now that’s crazy talk. Thanks to my new duties as event director for Ipswich parkrun I was introduced to wordpress. Although it seemed quite daunting at first it turns out its not – it’s just a fancier tumblr. A friend offered to show me how to start a wordpress website (thanks, Barb) but as I had some spare time the past few days (read: procrastinating on uni work) I thought I would put my nerd hat on and see if I could figure it out myself. And I did *golf claps*.

If you know anyone that has set up their own website, they may agree that the hardest part is registering your own .com. What was I going to call it? Would the name be available? I decided on a list of options for the website although a big, red, cross came up each time I entered the details. Hmm. I didn’t want to use my name – just didn’t sit well for me. I always had the idea swimming around in my head about my treatment being a “cancer triathlon”. A triathlon consists of three elements: swim, bike and run. My proposed treatment also consisted of three elements: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The only thing is if the genetic results come back positive and I choose surgery over radiation it would then be: surgery, chemotherapy, surgery – which is more like a duathlon (run, bike, run)… but let’s not get too stuck on the details, you get the gist. Cancer interrupted my life just as I found my passion for training and racing triathlons and I know triathlons will be apart of my life post treatment, and for years to come. I remember looking at the results of one race and seeing ladies in the age group of 40-45 ahead of me. That will be me. Whooping young girls in the future. So, I typed in the words “” and was greeted with a big, green tick! And so it was written…

In true Rochelle fashion I registered my .com website and set to work transferring my blogs (over 50!). What. A. Job! I also had to edit the date stamp to reflect the journey in true form.

There is another reason I’m happy with my choice of website name. On so many occasions I personally typed into Google “cancer + triathlons + exercise + ironman”. I was searching for reassurances from other ‘fit’ people who were suddenly faced with a cancer diagnosis (I wrote about this in my “I’m 32 not 50” blog). If by chance, someone in the future does the same Google search and my blog pops up, maybe I’ll be able to give him or her the hope, reassurance and comfort to know they will be OK.

So ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, here I am.

Better stop procrastinating on my uni work…


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