The year that was…

As the trifle slowly works its way down from my stomach to my hips – where I’m certain it’s to remain for a while – it’s time to put some brainpower into recapping on the past twelve months (a little hard with “chemo brain”).

While my mind is fresh from yesterday, I’ll recap on Christmas Day. Santa was very good to me this year. Let’s face it… I’ve been pretty good. The biggest present was eight days beachfront with the family. It’s been the perfect post-chemo recovery – fresh air and ocean swims. In addition to the multitude of presents, mother prepared a delicious feast for us. We did our best at consuming more than was required – standard. The day was completed with a post trifle ocean swim, and a few rounds at Canasta. Christmas success.

A mention must also go to the TWO Christmas babies! “Merry Christmas, we’re in labour,” was not the message I was expecting from my special friends, Michael and Alex Atkinson – baby Mia, a very early surprise! My cousin also became a father, welcoming another girl, Addison (she was due on Christmas Day, clearly a very punctual little girl).

So here we are, Christmas Day done. Hello… Boxing Day! For me, today indicates the wind down of the year, more than NYE. It’s been a big year – no surprises there. I know it would be normal for my mind to only be consumed by thoughts of my cancer diagnosis and treatment. But that only happened in August. What about the other seven months?

Technology, particularly Facebook, allows you to look back and “re-live” your year. This morning I have done just that. I have scrolled through my Facebook Newsfeed and reminisced on my “social media” year.

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (sorry if you have The Sound of Music stuck in your head for the rest of the day). On January 1st, I wrote: “2013: my year for having a number pinned to my shirt. Duathlon, Tough Mudder, 1/2 Marathon….”

On NYD, 2013, I knew I wanted to spend the year competing. Why? No idea… I wanted to try new things, I guess. From January to August, I stuck to my NY’s resolution mindset and did the following:

  • A Super-Sprint Duathlon (in the snow!), finishing third
  • A Super-Sprint Triathlon (in Israel), finishing fourth in my age group
  • TOUGH MUDDER (in the rain and hail!)
  • I started open-water training, placing third in my first 750 meter swim event
  • A Sprint Triathlon

I purchased a road bike and braved the streets of London attempting to train for triathlons. I also decided that I wanted to compete in an Ironman event. I was about to pay for my registration when I was diagnosed – talk about timing! Not only was 2013 a year of physical achievements, after three years of applying for a job to work on Private Jets…I was finally recruited for one.

Then came August. The rest you know.

2013 is going to be remembered for many things, not just the year I was diagnosed with cancer. It will be remembered as the year I pushed myself, and subsequently discovered more about “ME”. Yes, I have traded numbers pinned to my shirt for numbers on hospital wristbands. I accepted that months ago. This NYE I will not be counting down to bid farewell to an awful year. I will merely welcoming a new one. Treatment continues into the early part of 2014, but there are still many more months to follow.

A belated Merry Christmas, an early Happy New Year, and a massive THANK YOU for all the extra love and support that has been thrown my way. Now it’s time for leftovers and more Canasta.

Super Sprint Duathlon

My first race

My first race

Race results - 3rd female

Race results – 3rd female

Super Sprint Triathlon in Israel - my first triathlon - 4th female in my age group

Super Sprint Triathlon in Israel – my first triathlon – 4th female in my age group

The Tough Mudder Course! We finished in 3.5hrs

The Tough Mudder Course! We finished in 3.5hrs

Sprint Triathlon

Sprint Triathlon

Sprint Triathlon

Sprint Triathlon


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