Back to the “Office”

As you are aware, I have been on a self-appointed chemo holiday. It has been challenging at times to explain to people: YES, I have started chemotherapy. NO, I am not suffering any side effects. I am not in denial…my body does not feel an ounce difference from my former healthy pre-cancer state.

The only time I was administered a full dose of both drugs was during my first round, way back on October 17. During the second round, only the “softer” of the two made it into my bloodstream, and the third attempt, well let’s be generous and say 5 drops of Taxol made it into my system. Extreme tiredness was the only side effect I experienced from round two (going to bed at 6:30pm would classify as extreme tiredness, right?).

So I’ve had 2 weeks up my sleeve before starting the new regime: FEC. I had two choices: be frustrated that chemo is delayed and I’m waiting around AGAIN for it to start (properly), or make use of feeling normal and healthy. Lock in option B, Eddy.

My “chemo holiday” has been like any other holiday I would like to have: carefree. I’ve enjoyed many lunches with friends visiting from interstate (perfect timing), I was able to dress up and attend a party that would have fallen during my low WBC days, and would have been too risky to attend, I ran two parkrun events, and spoilt myself with a few of my favourite things I had previously given up at the start of chemo (whiskey, wine, beer and black coffee). Shhhh…don’t tell mother.

I have a feeling Thursday may present a major case of Deja Vu…except I’ve actually experienced the event – it’s not my imagination. Thursday I start “Round One.”

Technically, this is my FOURTH round of chemo but I have decided to start from scratch. It’s a completely new drug – another four rounds, every three weeks. I feel fresh, so let’s start fresh.

As with most things in this journey, I try to find correlations between my treatment and things that may have occurred in my former healthy life. By doing this, it “normalises” even the unfortunate events.

So, I am choosing to think of the previous three rounds as training for the main event. If I had a triathlon in the near future, I would have trained for all three disciplines. My past three rounds were just that, training for FEC. Although, I think that if I was experiencing the same unsuccessful results from training for a race, that I’ve encountered during my rounds of chemo…I would probably cancel my event.

I’m more excited than nervous for Thursday.

Let’s crack on!


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