Tickled Pink

Today my mother came home with presents: a new scarf and new ‘statement’ necklace (my collection is growing, Mrs Hawkins). Both were pink.

It’s an inside joke between mother and I, that I need to start wearing more pink. When shopping, if I pick up something that has a slither of pink in it, be assured “oh, you’re picking something pink!” will be heard.

I have never been a ‘girly-girl’ – I still can’t successfully apply eyeliner, and I only started wearing mascara 7 years ago to adhere to the Qantas Runway Guide. As the years have ticked on, I have become more in touch with my feminine side. Thanks to LGFB, I now also own: blush and lipstick (both pink!). Don’t get me wrong, I am not adverse to wearing pink – I own fluorescent pink running shoes. Apart from those items previously mentioned, pink doesn’t usually appear on my colour palate.

So why does mother think I need to start wearing more pink? Because now, I have BC. I know that sounds like a MASSIVE generalisation, but every time we go to an appointment, we are surrounded by pink! From my/our observations, anything related to BC is adorned in pink: uniforms, support groups, support material..etc.. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just an observation. Breast Cancer affects mainly woman + pink is the feminine colour. There is actually a lot of research as to why pink is associated to girls/woman…but let’s not go down that path today.

I have learnt to embrace a lot of things through this journey – the colour pink is the next on my list.




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