Hair loss: the loss of hair from head and/or body

The medical world amazes me. You’re told hair loss usually occurs from day 14 after your first round. Yesterday, was day 14. Yesterday, my hair started falling out. Amazing.

In no way am I worried about my hair falling out. If anything, I’m excited. Why? Because it’s another milestone – going bald brings me one step closer to the end. Also, I have become addicted to running my hand over my shaved head, imagine how nice it’s going to be bald!

There are two more pros associated with the hair loss: I finally get to start wearing my selection of scarves and turbans, and for the next few months, a lot of money will be saved on waxing – and I’m not talking about underarms. *wink wink*

My trusted barber, Man, has come back today to run the clippers over my malting head. We decided to go with ‘no gauge’ this time. The best way to deal with hair loss…have as little hair as possible. Done.

Another package was perfectly timed today – I received a stunning designer scarf!!! Eager to make use of it, I decided to try some tying techniques. Lucky for me, my personal barber doubles as a very talented photographer. And the result…





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