Unlucky Seven

Warning: the following may cause people to worry. This is not the intent. Just facts.

If you had read my blog about my horrible first round of chemo, in chair 7, you may remember that 7 was forever going to be known as my unlucky number. Today has cemented this.

Firstly, here are a few facts for you.

Fact #1: 10 days after chemo is when your white blood cells are lowest. That is today.

Fact #2: if everyone is wearing summer clothing, and you’re in jeans, jumper and scarf…and shivering…something’s not right.

Fact #3: if your temperature reaches 38 deg during chemo, call the ambulance.

This morning I went for a lovely brunch with my girlfriend. I was feeling Ok, just couldn’t get warm. I knew when I got home I should check my temperature. 37.9. Mum and I decided a trip to Emergency was probably wise.

Emergency on a Sunday – no need to say more. I was given a mask to wear and a seat away from everyone else to ensure I didn’t pick up and extra germs while waiting. The wait wasn’t too long until I was seen too – wristband on, gown on. Looks like we will be here for a while. My temperature spiked to 38.7 and I could feel every decimal of that.

To cut the long story short, I have been given some antibiotics and my temperature is slowly dropping. Unfortunately I have to stay overnight to be monitored. It’s very common for this to happen, just unlucky.

Getting back to my point about number 7 being unlucky. My first round of chemo was 17th, today is the 27th and mother and I had a chuckle when we realised I was in cubicle 7 in Emergency. The joke continued when we heard the Doctor say I was going to be transferred to ward 7B. My next round of chemo is scheduled for November 7…should I be worried?

Please know that I feel fine, just a smaller bed and TV than I’m used to tonight. We were supposed to cheer my sister on as she completed her 60km walk today – sorry, Anja.

Reality check #2.

(Oh, and for all those who have been sending positive vibes that I get a hot Nurse…they worked! Hunk-a-Rama)


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