Vote of Thanks



Noun: a formal public speech that thanks someone for something that they have done (Macmillan Dictionary)

There are many ways to express thanks for services received or gifts given. In a large or formal setting, one of the best ways to acknowledge the efforts of those responsible for the event is the vote of thanks. The vote of thanks is a brief speech given on behalf of the organization or group as a whole to a specific person or persons.

…Ok…enough with the English lesson.

The Vote of Thanks is usually given at the end of an event. However, I have never been one for tradition, plus I have so much to be grateful for now. I am utterly and wholly overwhelmed by the support and kindess that I have received. I am choosing not to name names – you know who you are. I want to acknowledge all the acts of kindness I have received. It may be a bit haphazard, but here goes…

Rochelle’s Vote of Thanks

  • To my family: for your support – physically, emotionally and financially, for cooking and cleaning for me while I was/am ‘poorly’ and ‘unable’, for phone calls and emails from overseas family to wish me well and check my progress, for letting me borrow the car – even though I annoy you by changing the seat position and the radio station.
  • To my amazing friends: arranging Skype calls at ridiculous times of the day/night to check on me pre&post each obstacle thus far, for the interstate visitors for making the journey to Ipswich – and those in Brisbane (I know it’s a journey…). For all the coffees, lunches, dinners and movies I have been shouted to alleviate the stress while not working.
  • For the gifts I have received: a beautifully framed photo, skincare and beauty products to help with chemo, a hot water bottle (exactly what I needed post IVF procedure), tea cup and T2 brewer, a voucher for my favourite organic cafe, candles, a cookbook all the way from London from my favourite cafe, SWIMMERS!!!! – to cope with the QLD heat, top-of-the-line juicer – my body is loving all the juicy vitamin goodness it receives.
  • For the 30 year old silk scarves I have been lent to rock the shaved/bald head, and the scarves made JUST FOR ME! I swear SS13 will be all about the scarves – I’m very on-trend.
  • For my own personal Pinterest board – RLV Inspiration.
  • For the beautiful flowers post-surgery & chemo… I am sad to report the heat finally won the battle against the Orchid…sorry Eli.
  • For my super fit friend who dedicated their triathlon win to me.
  • For all the cards, emails, texts, whatsapps and snapchats to remind me I am loved, supported and thought of daily.
  • For all the offers from friends and family for somewhere to escape too – I know I could knock on your door and would be spoilt rotten.
  • For the support from people I have never actually physically met! I have one special person who is my go-to girl as she has just experienced this first hand!
  • For the proof-reading of my blogs to give me confidence in sharing my journey (most times now I wing it)…can you tell the difference? Actually, don’t answer that…

Ok. I am sure you are all bored of hearing about all the AMAZING blessings I have received. Every day is like Christmas and I receive more mail in the house than my parents now….albeit some of it bills.

I know this Vote of Thanks is only the beginning…


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