OCD and Chemotherapy

“Hi, my name is Rochelle, I have OCD”

It’s no secret I have OCD. I am not embarassed about this diagnosis – like everything else, I embrace it. Yes I have to check the hair straightener/iron/oven/stovetop is turned off about 5 times – even if I haven’t used said items. If I had my way, all the labels would be facing the same way and food would be organised into respective groups – tea & coffee, sauces, baking etc. In our London home I was given the title The Cupboard Whisperer, if you needed to find something, I was the go-to-person. I am clearly a creature of ‘nurture’ because if you look in my parents pantry, you will be biting your lip to stop yourself making a comment about an apple and a tree…

Anyway, I suppose I should get to my point about OCD and Chemotherapy.

Tomorrow is Round #1. Therefore, today is PREP DAY.

What do you need to do to prepare before chemo? There are lots of articles talking about food and chemotherapy – people speaking of personal experiences, Dieticians, Doctors etc. The main piece of advice I have taken onboard is to have some homemade soups ready to go in the freezer. Word on the street is you usually only feel like small meals, so I think this is a sensible option to have ready to go.

I have taken over the kitchen and have batched up 2 different veggie soups: sweet potato and pumpkin and cauliflower and potato..lets hope I don’t develop an aversion to these particular vegetables. I have also prepped some chia seed puddings and some healthy protein bars.

I also read that ginger is advocated as beneficial to relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Ginger Tea, Ginger Lollies – check!

I have been warned that tomorrow may be a long day – up to 5 hours! Lunch is provided  at the hospital, but I think a few extras will be required. I let my OCD run wild and I have prepared a lunchbox, that’s normal, right?


Contents: T2 filter mug (new present from Sam & Tash Velic), bag of Love Tea Herbal Tea, Almonds, Bobble water filter…it’s still a work in progress.

Ipswich Hospital Oncology Ward won’t know what’s hit it. Shaved head & lunchbox – how much more prepared could you be!


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