aka Look Good, Feel Better.

Today I was lucky enough to attend a workshop available to BC patients to help deal with the physical changes ahead. If you meet the criteria (…you have BC), you can attend the workshop at any stage during treatment. Today there was a mix of people either waiting to start chemo, or part way through. As usual, I like to be ahead of the game….so of course I went before.

Originally I was going to attend this workshop alone, but I decided to put Little Miss Independent Rochelle in the corner and asked my sister to accompany me. Apart from being my sister, she is also a beauty therapist, so was definitely the best person to join me.

When registering for this workshop you are asked for the following information: skin type, preferred makeup colours and eye colour. On arrival, we had our own beauty station with mirror and products. As I sat in front of my station, I saw a VERY PINK lipstick and silver eyeshadow…I WAS WORRIED.

We worked our way through skin care – how to adapt to changes that may occur, then makeup application – how to draw those eyebrows back on if they start thinning…ekk. Now, I have attended about 4 makeup sessions in the past 7 years with Qantas, I will be honest, my eyeshadow application hasn’t improved! Lucky my sister was there to fix my dodgy work.

After learning about skincare and makeup tricks, it was onto wigs and headwear. This is where things got interesting. I have been blonde for 99% of my life, the 1% I was dark only lasted a few days..I AM A BLONDIE.

The volunteer decided she wanted to try a specific wig on me…okayyyyyy

Here it is….and the crowd goes…..


Ummmmm I’m still not convinced….but hey, you gotta have some fun 🙂

Today I was pampered and spoilt with lots of goodies. No complaints from me!



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