these nikes were made for… walking?

For the past three years I lived in London without a car. If I needed to get somewhere, I had a few options: catch the bus, jump on a tube, grab a Boris bike or walk. That’s just how it is. In Australia it’s a different story – cars are the norm (cycle friends don’t be offended, this too is a growing trend that is great to see). Since arriving back, I have either driven, or been driven to my destination. I have been very lucky that the parents have handed over the keys without hesitation or been gracious chauffeurs.

The other day I had another ‘light bulb moment’…

I had to head into town to run some errands. Instead of stealing mothers car, I decided to throw on my gym gear and sexy pink fluro nikes with the intention of walking around town and then home.

What did I discover? Walking around Ipswich and home is no different to walking around London and home (except for the scenery). My legs still worked the same, the more I moved forward the closer I got to my next pit stop…and I really enjoyed it.

Another positive to setting out on foot is it’s the only thing I have been given approval to do from my Physiotherapist. I am not sure it’s exactly what he had in mind when he said I should include ‘some’ walking.

So if you see me around town, don’t let my fluro pink nikes stop you saying hi…

No rest for these pink shoes!

No rest for these pink shoes!


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