my life in recliner chairs

As I commence treatment for breast cancer, I’ve realised  my life has suddenly become consumed by waiting rooms and recliner chairs – and it’s not such a bad thing. In the past few weeks I’ve become very comfortable in recliner chairs: at home, at the hospital, and at the dentist (yes, nothing like getting a new filling 2 days after major surgery).

So how did I get to the point of spending my days in recliner chairs?

Let’s rewind to August 4th…

After having a lump re-checked by a GP (yes, over a year ago I was sent home and told it was probably nothing as the GP couldn’t feel it), I was finally referred to a specialist centre. So there I was, at the McMillan Cancer Centre, London. After two hours of consultations and testing, I was told the lump wasn’t just a nasty cyst as first thought, it was cancerous. I wasn’t prepared for this: I was about to turn thirty-two, about to start my dream job working on private jets, and the fittest I’ve ever been.

Things happened fast from here: I had more testing, stopped working and was lucky to have an amazing friend and my family come to London to keep me busy. I continued training and continued reassuring my friends, “I was OK!”

Fast forward to today, September 8th…

Within the month: I was diagnosed, packed up my life in London, moved home to my parents’ house (and town I left thirteen years ago), and have had TWO operations. My head spins when I think about how quickly things changed. So what now? I wait again for more results and my start date for chemo.

It always sounds so shocking to say the words, “I have Breast Cancer.” It doesn’t have to be a secret, it’s my life. I’m not disillusioned that it will be an easy journey – I refuse to pre-empt how I may feel, or what I will or won’t be able to do. For now, I am OK. I am happy, positive and enjoying the tasty homemade wontons mother has made for dinner. Life is still good.

Back to the recliner chair…


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